Thursday, December 22, 2011

seeing what i'm feeling

Today a family member, one who admittedly has not seen me too much over the past year, made a comment that really affected me today. In a really, really good way. We were just sitting around the pool, lounging and soaking up the beautiful Jamaican sun.. when she commented

"Kelsey. This is the happiest I have ever seen you."

And that just made me beam. I was so happy, it was like a moment of rejoicing almost. People are finally seeing what I am feeling inside. I feel so happy and so great about myself, and I know that that was not the case about a year ago.. I worked my butt of to get myself where I am now, and just to see that the people closest to me have even noticed a change. Well, that is special.

It just really hones in the fact that you are not your past. In a matter of seconds, you can decide to make a change. Change everything you know about the world, the people around you, and mostly importantly - what you know about yourself. It feels so rejuvenating. And to be quite honest, hearing that I look and sound happy is a better compliment than telling me I look pretty or have a rocking beach bod (thats nice too... I mean.. )

LOVE ONE ANOTHER (that means yourself, too!)

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