Monday, March 5, 2012

Big Boob Problem # 1

Bra Shopping.

It is actually a bit of a nightmare, I don't know how it is for those who are lucky enough to have smaller chests, but for me - it is pretty awful.

I remember when my boobs first... uhm... exploded, and I had to buy new bras.. I was DEVASTATED. I went from an A cup to a definitely not an A cup almost over night, so obviously new bras just had to happen

I went to La Senza and tried on a B cup, and then a C cup.. and when a C cup didn't fit, I threw a fit, and ended up buying a 36-C even though it totally didn't fit correctly. I was embarrassed and young and refused to ask for help.

But now that I am older and MUCH more open, bra shopping has finally become something that I can accept help with, because a properly fitting bra is SO important.

So I decided I will share my bra buying experience with ya'll, because its pretty funny.. and I actually learned SO much about how bras work (ie how the sizes work)

So I needed a few new bras, and I was with my mom and we went to La Senza to make this happen. I have been measured a few times and am almost consistently a 34-D. So I grabbed 4 bras, one strapless and one front clip and then 2 removable push-ups, and went to try them on.. expecting that the fit would be perfect and I would be in and out.

Yeah, so not the case.

With ALL the bras, my boobs basically hung over the top, and a weird crease kind of formed at the top of the bra. Back in my shy days I might have given up... but when the employee asked if I needed help, I accepted it.


She said that I actually might want to try a 36-C.. because the actual cup sizes remain the same, but it is a bit wider around - so maybe my boobs wouldn't be so squished. But nope, didn't fit right still.

So then she went the OPPOSITE way, and got me 36-Ds in the styles.. and they mostly fit perfectly.. like the creases that were in the bra before totally disappeared and my boobs didn't look squished or anything. I got that bra to the left there, totally cute, and a front clasp black and white bra as well!

So I always thought going from 34 to 36 in the same cup size changed nothing but the band around the ribs, but turns out that is wrong. It also changes the composition and width of the cup itself. So that was great to know. Guess by boobs are just too wide for a 34-D...

but I was in desperate need for a strapless bra, and like, a 36 is just TOO wide and a bit too lose around to give me the comfort of knowing that I won't be having any sort of bra-malfunction. And the employee totally agreed with me there.

So ... we did what I had never done before...

We went to the DDs....

If you remember what I just said before... a 34-D is equal to a 36-C in cup size.. so that means a 34-DD is equal to a 36-D, and 36-D was the cup that was fitting me so well...

Except.. it was still too loose around my ribs.. the actual cup itself was fitting me almost perfectly, seriously, never have I had a strapless fit so well in the front area.. but it just wasn't tight enough, and once again the employee agreed.

So, remember that math calculation I just did?

A 32-DD would be too small a cup, because the width changes when you go down in the same cup size, so.. you know what that meant?

That meant, to find the PERFECT strapless bra... I would have to wear a 32-E. A MOTHER EFFING E CUP??? HAVE YOU EVER EVEN HEARD OF THAT?!?!? hahahhahahhaha. I died. And the lady apologized because they didn't carry any 32-Es.... Of course not, right?

So instead of trying on the strapless bras that were in the 2 for 40 deal, she brought me every strapless bra in the store in every size that was appropriate for my cup size. I ended up buying a $40 itec bra with memory foam in size 34-D, even though it wasn't perfect (it was close), but it would shape to my cup and end up being perfect.

Anyway, this was a long story.. but it is kind of interesting to know how exactly (well, not exactly im sure I am missing some points) how bras work! And you know, just because you are one size in one bra definitely does not mean you are that size in every other bra... At la senza anyway!

And just FYI. I LOVE my boobs, they are like one of my favourite assets, honestly. But I just hated buying bras because it made me feel fatter than jean shopping and just really embarrassed. This isn't be complaining about my boobs, this is me complaining about bra shopping.. But not even complaining.. I had a problem with bra shopping before, but I have fixed it - and I finally have 3 amazingly fitting bras.


  1. This post was so helpful! I'm in the same boat as you, my boobs exploded overnight in first year. I'm a 36C/34D depending on the bra's shape, but I have a terrible time trying to find a good fitting bikini top.
    i find my boobs get all squished or hang out the sides no matter what size I try on. Any suggestions?

  2. I do have a similar problem to you.. I just have never reaaaally found that perfect bikini top - but my mom had an awesome suggestion that I will also try when I buy my next bikini.. but with victorias secret, they have bathing suit tops that are modelled after bras - so if you go to a VS and ask what bras correspond to bathing suits, then try on those bras until you find the perfect fitting one, and then go online and find that bathing suit - and you can actually enter like 36-C, etc! So it might not be a string/triangle top, but itll look correct on you!

    also.. i just realized what kind of bathing suit tops look best on me! they have more support and cover the sides more (you can tuck in your boobs and get extra cleev) heres a link -

    but yeah.. i think getting a bathing suit top that is created by a bra company anywhere is a good idea! they know boobs best ;)

  3. and take a guy with you - get their opinion - believe it or not - what we gals sometimes think of as great on us - doesn't do it for our men. Sure - I want to feel good about me - but when my hubby gives me that little wink and thinks I'm sexy - I feel it - that's when we're really beautiful

  4. haha omg. so good. I worked in the change rooms for Victorias Secret for a year, and when I explained this to people they JUST DIDNT GET IT!